How to dress in the workplace


Even though it is highly unlikely that you will have your clothes checked for brands and sizes etc. You will still always have to dress nice for work and will always have to try and leave an impression, and impressing your boss might just be the thing you need.

  1. Think about your audience

You should always dress for the day. Don’t always look formal (unless your job requires that) but don’t always look casual as well. (if your job allows that as well) There will be days when all you will have to do is just sit at your desk and do your think and then it is completely normal to be casual and wear jeans if allowed. On the other days when, lets say you have a client to meet or an actual meeting always dress for the part. Nothing will impress your boss more than knowing your job and dressing for it.


  1. Be neat

Even though more and more jobs are encouraging a casual dress code there are still jobs that require a uniform. And none of this things make a difference like being neat does. Always wash your clothes regularly and make sure they compliment each other. Tuck in your shirt, fix the sleeves, roll the jeans up if needed.  Even if you wear different clothes every day they will not make a good impression unless worn properly and by that I mean worn neatly.


  1. Look sharp

You should always dress sharp and put on a branded piece of garment if possible as long as it is appropriate. But, even more importantly have your own style. You don’t have to stick out and not everyone has to know what your style is but it is important to have your own style. It means you are independent and know what you want. It means you are ambitious. There is no boss that does not like that!


  1. Wear the right size

This one should be both on the top of the list because of how important it is and shouldn’t be on the list because everyone should know it. Always wear the right size. Don’t let the clothes look neither baggy or too slim. The best thing is to have your clothes tailored; even if they are not, they can still look amazing and impress the people around you just by the way they fit.

  1. Remember the details

The first detail you should remember is the dress code of your working place. Always follow it. Do not wear any hats, caps, jeans, shorts if they are not allowed to. Consider that dark color make you look more professional but light colors should be worn too. Your clothes should not only be worn but also should be used to make a statement and to tell everyone who you are.