Our Story

Where are they from?

Founded on June 2014 in Waterloo, Ontario.

Who are they?

Gentleman of York is a designer menswear operation with the focus on slim fitting suits and apparel. Built on a friendship that began when 2 Entrepreneurs found themselves working together, Julian, and Daniel set out on a journey that would change the lives of not only themselves, but potentially many more. Julian comes from a small country in South America, and is the designer behind the suits and apparel. Daniel has an education in Marketing and an entrepreneurial drive to succeed in the design and fashion industry.

The experience that you get with Gentlemen of York is unique as the business model. No longer will you need to wait in long lines or deal with heavy traffic. They bring the experience to you. Their team of tailors will come to your work or home for a free style consultation. They can then measure and order a suit on the spot which will be delivered in 4-6 weeks.

Where do their suits come from?

Their suits are manufactured by the top tailors in the world. They have established a deep relationship with their suppliers to ensure an amazing fit and premium quality. The Elevated collection is built from suppliers in Europe that use the top name brand wools in Europe: Cerruti, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis etc. The Executive collection is hand made in China offering various fabric options from 100% wool, cashmeres and valour’s. After working extensively with their supply chain team, Gentlemen of York delivers the finest made to measure suits available in Canada.