Retail Therapy With Love


February is the perfect time for retail therapy. Then again, any time is the perfect time for retail therapy I suppose, especially when it adds something more meaningful to your life than just the right shade and shape of suit.

Fashion coinciding with social responsibility is not a new concept but it’s one that I think more people should embrace. Think of everything you have purchased for yourself and others the past year for birthdays, holidays, your new job interview coming up, and then think again about how much more fulfilling each individual purchase could have been if somehow some part of your hard-earned dollars would have gone directly toward a wonderful cause.

Amidst the sea of online retailers these days it’s difficult to know which one to gravitate toward.  All are constantly vying for our attention with talks of flash sale luxury items and one of a kind this and one of a kind that. But I guarantee, very few of these retailers are also promising to support an amazing cause during your checkout procedure. Enter Gentlemen of York. This company is changing the way men buy suits offering custom fit designs so that every suit is unique. But in addition to turning men into gentlemen as the company proclaims, they offer something a little bit extra–the chance to save a life.

Every time you purchase a custom-made suit from Gentlemen of York you will help provide a month’s worth of HIV treatment for a child in need. The company works in partnership with Keep a Child Alive, an organization which provides financial and programmatic support to nine innovative grass-roots partners in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and India to fight the physical, social and economic impact of HIV on children, their families and communities. KCA and its partners with the support of companies like Gentlemen of York and its customers (maybe you and I?) are currently providing services to over 40,000 people.

So ladies, for a super sweet way to gift the gents in your life this Valentine’s Day, check out Gentlemen of York He’ll be looking good and feeling good and together you’ll be saving a life.

Article originally posted at by Liz Ganschow


by Chris

Co-Founder and COO